£5,100 Sale! What do we get after fees?


We recently sold the highest value item of our 15 year reselling career.  Nic had purchased a job lot of vintage consoles, games and accessories and while researching prices in which to list everything, he came across this inconspicuous looking cartridge with a hand written label.  At first he dismissed it, assuming it had no value as it had lost it’s label, and someone had replaced it with their own.  He planned to bundle it along with an Atari console and some other lower value games.  However, his curiosity was triggered, he had never seen an Atari game called ‘Hard Head’ before, perhaps even without the label it would still hold some individual value.  Having done some further research he decided that perhaps this game was actually quite rare as there were no other ‘Hard Head’ Atari Cartridges currently listed or recently completed on eBay.  He decided then that he would put the game on auction with a Buy It Now of £100! Continue reading

Using Coupon Apps To Save Money On Your Grocery Shop


You may have used in-store coupons and regular paper coupons from Newspapers and Magazines to save money on your weekly shop in the past and these have their place and serve their purpose.  Filed under ‘there is an app for everything’ the digital age brings with it Coupon Apps.

Each app promises you exclusive offers on branded products. These offers work sightly differently as you don’t produce your coupon at the till. Instead you pay for your shop as usual, then once home, you upload your receipt to show proof of purchase and the company will then refund that amount to you, either directly to your bank account or to your Paypal account.

I tried out 3 different apps: Continue reading

Selling My Little Ponies: How to identify a My Little Pony to sell on eBay


So you have purchased a bag of My Little Ponies from a boot or jumble sale with a view article-2118633-12483B9E000005DC-125_634x468to selling them on eBay but you are unsure where to start.  The first thing to know is that My Little Pony is extremely collectible so there are may fan sites and informative websites to find on the internet.  These can prove to be a wealth of knowledge when you come to identify the pony, and to find out some more information about them to use in your listing. Continue reading

Selling Vegan Fashion

With the growing popularity of Veganism and an increased demand for cruelty free fashion products, as a clothing reseller something that can help your listings to stand out above others, and to reach a wider audience, are the use of keywords which appeal to Vegan buyers.

Vegan buyers will be looking for complete assurance that the item you are selling is completely Vegan and cruelty free.  Therefore you must be 100% definite that the item you are listing meets this requirement and you can unequivocally guarantee that the item you are selling is in fact Vegan. Continue reading

Packaging Clothing

I’m often asked what I use to package my clothing for dispatch and to show how I go about it.  So I’ve made a short video (below).

There is no right or wrong way to do this and I’m simply sharing how I do it.  I use a practical, no frills method, simply using Poly Mailers.  For larger, heavier bundles I would use a box.  Some people like to pre-wrap, or pre-bag the clothing before they go in to the Poly Mailer for extra protection, as I show in the video the Poly Mailers we use are very strong and other than the occasional use of reinforcement tape, I don’t double bag. Continue reading

Going From Part-Time to Full-Time


Many of you will be part-time resellers, and as a way to supplement your income or to provide a second income, reselling is the perfect solution. Very flexible it can fit in around our busy lives.

Reselling is accessible to all, with very low start-up costs.  Most people already have the equipment needed to start reselling, and can therefore begin with very little investment.

You can earn money reselling from the comfort of your own home putting in as much or as little time as you are able to.

However some of you may be seriously considering taking the leap to becoming a full-time reseller to make this your sole source of income… in this video I discuss some practical things you can do to understand some of the financial realities of going full time.


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Monty: My trip to the vets

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Bathtime… oh no!!!!



Every now and then, my Mum and Dad decide that I smell… and need a bath…

I am never impressed with this situation… firstly, I am a dog, dogs smell, so deal with it I say…  personally I think Mum and Dad smell, but you don’t see me dragging them off to the water torture room do you…

Anyway – seeing as I had to endure this humiliating ritual I thought I may as well share with you guys….


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