Welcome to our blog…

Hi…we are Nic & Andrea Hills, and we are professional Resellers & YouTube Vloggers based in the UK. We have been self employed for about 15 years and earn a good living from reselling, by reselling we mean buying secondhand & new goods and selling them on for a profit.

We sell on eBay and Amazon and have also owned and run high street retail outlets. We source our stock from car boot sales, jumble sales, charity shops, and any other outlets we can find, and buy new stock from online websites, high street stores, & supermarkets to sell on.

We love the lifestyle and freedom our job affords us, allowing us quality time raising our daughter and the ability to step outside of the rat race.

As our business is expanding we wanted a place to share our journey… and so the blog and the adventure begins…


  1. I really like it – it’s clean & tidy (contrary to most things tatting). All of your efforts (YouTube etc) really help me (Also self emp long time in other area) to try to improve/build my reselling – I watch from afar without contribution as a little shy but thought it about time i did. My Betty (Tibetan Terrier) would ❤️ to be friends with Monty – please give him a long section! Good luck Sara


    • Hi Sara, thanks for your kind comment 🙂 I’m glad to hear that we’ve been able to help you in some way with our videos etc. Betty sounds lovely, Tibetan Terriers are gorgeous! Don’t worry, Monty will be posting regularly 😉
      Take care, Andrea.


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