“The Price is Right” ebay seller style

To celebrate reaching a new milestone of 12,000 subs on youtube we organised another in our series of “The Price Is Right” ebay reseller style game shows….

These shows involve getting a few of our youtuber reseller friends together and playing my own version of the classic TV gameshow. The viewers who watch live can also play along in the live chat, and viewers who watch at a later date can also guess prices and see how close they get 🙂

Before the show several ebay items are found that have already sold, then the players are shown the item and have to guess how much they think it sold for – the winner of each round is the nearest to the actual price without going over..

They have been so much fun to organise and play, we have done 3 so far and  I am sure we will revisit the format again in the future… I will link all 3 videos below so you can take a look…

Drop us a comment if you can think of a good theme for the next show 🙂


Episode 3 – The one where Z has a hissy fit 🙂

Episode 2 – “The Christmas Special”

Episode 1 – 10,000 subs special – Where it all began….

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