‘Focus on Friends’ Margaret Collier – AKA ‘Texas Gal Treasures’

Through having a youtube channel we have met some truly wonderful people and we have created this section within the blog to “Focus on Friends” & to share with you some of the amazing people we have met along the way….

Our first friend to be featured in this section is the lovely Margaret Collier…

We have known Margaret for about 2 years now and despite the distance (she lives in Texas and we are in the UK) she has become a very close friend that we care about a lot 🙂

We sent over some questions so Margaret could tell us a bit about herself in her own words….

Find Margaret on Facebook Here

Find Margaret on Instagram here

Who is “Texas Gal Treasures”? Tell us a little about yourself….

Hi! I’m Margaret from Texas Gal Treasures. Never in my wildest dreams would I have seen my life where it is today.

Five years ago I was in a classroom teaching 20 five year olds how to read and write, but when the opportunity arose for me to stop teaching and stay at home with my boys I jumped on it. I feel that life has gone from a rigid, structured path leading to retirement into a fluid vastness of possibilities.

My life has fairly seamlessly flown from one platform and opportunity to another, picking up experiences and friends along the way that I would never have dreamed of before my life took this turn. I began going to garage sales as a way to have some alone time away from the kids and family on Saturday mornings. I’d pick up things I found cool, but quickly realised that I was seeing a virtual goldmine of objects that I didn’t want, but certainly someone else did.

I had already been selling on Etsy and decided to pick up vintage items at garage sales and flip them there. As this grew, so did my excitement for reselling, but I had no one to talk to about my new passion, and I was unaware of the reselling community online. I felt pretty isolated. I began scouring the web for people like me. I came across a number of Youtubers and Facebook groups and was inspired to start a channel of my own.

I can easily say that creating my Youtube channel, Texas Gal Treasures, has been one of the most life altering things I’ve done. It has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve grown in confidence, made amazing friends, and formed a community that uplifts and educates each other. Click here to visit Margaret’s channel

When did you start reselling and which platforms do you use.

I started reselling about 4 years ago.

I began on Etsy and later branched out into Ebay and Amazon FBA.

You have an amazing YouTube channel, when did you start doing YouTube and tell us a bit about your channel.

I started my channel a little over 2 years ago. I needed an outlet to talk about all the reselling stuff that bored the pants off my family and friends.

My channel is mostly reselling related, but I also do product reviews, unboxings, hangouts, and Merch by Amazon tutorials…. And anything else that strikes my fancy.

Click here to visit Margaret’s Youtube channel


Thanks so much Margaret for taking the time to answer our questions – can’t wait to collaborate on more videos in the future 🙂

Margarets Videos are always entertaining and there is a wealth of content ranging from, hauls, tutorials, insights into Merch, Etsy, selling on ebay and so much more – always presented with her unique blend of humour and fun….

We have appeared on each other’s channels many times check out these videos featuring Margaret from my channel 🙂

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