Using Coupon Apps To Save Money On Your Grocery Shop

You may have used in-store coupons and regular paper coupons from Newspapers and Magazines to save money on your weekly shop in the past and these have their place and serve their purpose.  Filed under ‘there is an app for everything’ the digital age brings with it Coupon Apps.

Each app promises you exclusive offers on branded products. These offers work sightly differently as you don’t produce your coupon at the till. Instead you pay for your shop as usual, then once home, you upload your receipt to show proof of purchase and the company will then refund that amount to you, either directly to your bank account or to your Paypal account.

I tried out 3 different apps:



I found this app to be the nicest and easiest to use.  The interface is clean and well laid out.  It was easy to navigate and to work out how to use.  This app works slightly differently as you have to scan the barcodes on products you have purchased as well as the receipt, as proof of purchase.  I assume this is to cover the eventuality that someone may use a receipt they have found at the till without actually purchasing the item.  It’s a good idea, but it’s easy enough to find the item on the shelf and scan it there, which I had to do with the wine as I forgot to scan it before it went out with the recycling (whoops!) Another bonus for Shopmium is the referral scheme.  You can earn extra shopping credit when someone uses your referral code and makes a purchase. They also offer the odd freebie here and there.

The second app I tried was ClickSnap:

2. ClickSnap


ClickSnap belongs to QuidCo.  They offer a large variety of savings from various Supermarkets.  Be careful to check which Supermarket the offer is available at as not all offers are available at every Supermarket.  Again this works in the same way, pay as usual at the till and scan the receipt when you get home to claim back your savings.  You have to visit the QuidCo site to complete your claim, so you will need a QuidCo account. Some offers can be used multiple times which is a bonus.

The third app I tried was CheckoutSmart:

3. CheckoutSmart


The app is easy to navigate and to use.  It works in the same way as ClickSnap in terms of the claiming process.  I’ll be honest in that the offers I found on ClickSnap were identical to CheckoutSmart and I didn’t see much difference in the way they worked other than the fact that one is linked to QuidCo.  So I would say that this is a customer preference.  If you already have a QuidCo account you may choose to use ClickSnap, if not you may as well use CheckoutSmart.

(Thank you to 11jx – ClickSnap and CheckoutSmart are owned by the same company.  You can use them both for the same offers as long as you have separate receipts.  This is especially useful for the freebies :))

This was the results from my first shop and online app couponing experiment:

Jacob’s Creek Merlot  – Saved £4.75

Hovis Seed Sensations – Saved 50p

Quorn Ham – Saved 50p

Yogurt Breaks – Saved £1

Bahlsen Biscuits – FREE

OVERALL Saving of £7.75.

Putting that in real terms I wouldn’t have bought the Bahlsen Biscuits had they not been free. I usually buy the wholemeal Hovis which is £1.05 so I only saved 10p there. I buy the Quorn Ham for my daughter’s sandwiches, so it was nice to have some money off that. I would usually buy some sort of biscuit snack to add to her packed lunch so the Yogurt Breaks were a good deal. We usually buy a wine in ASDA which is £4 so I only saved 50p there.

The savings were small this time, but if you use the apps regularly it all adds up. You have to be careful not to be drawn into the offers and to only buy the items (or substitutes) that you would usually buy.

In summary, I will certainly use the apps again. They are easy to navigate and to understand and I enjoyed looking for new products to purchase.  I think next time I’ll make a list of the items I’m interested in and separate them on my list between apps, as I found myself clicking back and forth on the apps to look for the deals.

I also think that it is probably easier to use online. A few items I looked for weren’t stocked in my Sainsbury’s but would probably be found online.

If you want to sign up for the Shopmium app I’d be really grateful if you could use my referral code which is AAAACMCM   You get a freebie and I get a referral credit to use.

Happy couponing ☺


  1. Clicksnap and Checkoutsmart are owned by same company. It is possible to use both companies as long as you have two separate receipts, worth doing for the free items.


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