Bathtime… oh no!!!!



Every now and then, my Mum and Dad decide that I smell… and need a bath…

I am never impressed with this situation… firstly, I am a dog, dogs smell, so deal with it I say…  personally I think Mum and Dad smell, but you don’t see me dragging them off to the water torture room do you…

Anyway – seeing as I had to endure this humiliating ritual I thought I may as well share with you guys….


The calm before the storm, I always fall for the sweet talk to get me in the dreaded room…

Yup…. without fail… a humiliating drenching at the hands of those who supposedly ‘love’ me…. oh no here comes the foul tasting bubbly stuff…

By this point I am seriously unimpressed!!! And plotting my wicked revenge…

….then as if the water torture isn’t enough – after finally releasing me from the slippy tank of doom and bubbles, I am blasted in the face by a deafening hot air machine…. outrageous!! Seriously guys – this can’t be right…..!! Who comes up with this stuff!!!

And the final result…. ‘clean and fluffy’ how lovely… Can I go back to sleep now and dream of lady-dogs please…

Until next time….. M x



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