£5,100 Sale! What do we get after fees?

We recently sold the highest value item of our 15 year reselling career.  Nic had purchased a job lot of vintage consoles, games and accessories and while researching prices in which to list everything, he came across this inconspicuous looking cartridge with a hand written label.  At first he dismissed it, assuming it had no value as it had lost it’s label, and someone had replaced it with their own.  He planned to bundle it along with an Atari console and some other lower value games.  However, his curiosity was triggered, he had never seen an Atari game called ‘Hard Head’ before, perhaps even without the label it would still hold some individual value.  Having done some further research he decided that perhaps this game was actually quite rare as there were no other ‘Hard Head’ Atari Cartridges currently listed or recently completed on eBay.  He decided then that he would put the game on auction with a Buy It Now of £100!

18595568_792565294242319_2662539321501084125_oVery quickly he began to receive questions about the cartridge.  A game collector asked if he could use Nic’s photos and information to help catalogue and identify the game.  It was time to take the Buy It Now off and to see what would happen.  This was obviously a much more interesting game than we had first thought!

Nic put the word out in to the Gaming Community and soon a buzz was created. It transpired that the game we had was in fact a prototype of a game that had never received a general release by Atari. This is the only PAL version of this game in existence.  Only one other ‘Hard Head’ prototype exists on an NTSC format.  The auction price soon accelerated in to the thousands with still a few days to go and private offers started to come in, in the hope that the final bidder would pull out.  The auction finished at £5100, purchased by a collector in Poland, and he paid immediately, which was a huge relief!

Now that the excitement has simmered down, the game is on route to it’s new owner, and life continues as usual, the question is, from a £5100 sale how much is actually net profit?  The reality of a sale with a high ticket price is that the fees and costs involved are also significantly higher.  We thought it would be interesting to share that with you…

  • Sale Price £5100
  • International postage £10
  • – £408.80 Final Value Fees (ebay)
  • – £214.82 Paypal Fees
  • – £117.98 Fed Ex Courier to Poland
  • – £1 Item cost
  • Profit of £4367.40
  • Minus 20% Tax (This will vary depending on your own circumstance and earnings)

Net Profit of £3493.92

This is an amazing profit on an item that would have cost no more than £1!  We are over the moon with the result and the money will certainly help our family.  It is however, important to note how high the fees are, and the size of the slice of the pie everyone else wants before you are able to take your share.  The winning bid looks incredible, but it is not the reality.

Thank you to all the support and help the Reselling and Gaming Community gave us with this 🙂

Super Rare Atari 2600 game for sale – Hard-Head Activision 1983 prototype??!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.48.19

Is this the rarest Atari 2600 game ever? Hard-Head PAL Prototype – Game play video


  1. Absolutely made up for you with this sale & i’m sure it’s every reseller’s dream to find something like this is a bundle. Thank you for sharing it with everyone & showing us the realities of how much each stage takes from the profit. Still a nice chunk at the end though. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving couple. Hard work pays off.


  2. Really made up for you on this sale. Also if go over certain sales would mean Mr vat man will want 20% but still great profit. Couldn’t have happened to nicer people who have helped so many people out including myself with giving the confidence and showing reselling is possible by your you tube


  3. You forgot about 9% National Insurance Payments.. If you make a profit of over about £8,500 a year you need to pay 9% NIC’s on all payments up to about £40,000 then it goes down to about 2%


  4. Amazing sale! It’s crazy what people will pay. But to the hard-core collector this was probably a must have. Such a unique item.

    Well done once again, I would like to echo the views of the above people. You both deserve this.

    Great item!


  5. I kept checking in on the listing through the week, and caught the auction ending stream. Such an amazing find! The fees are irrelevant when you consider how cheap you got it for. Congrats


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