Focus on Friends: The Drew Resellers – Emma & Tony Drew

This month we are featuring our friends Emma & Tony Drew AKA The Drew Resellers. We initially came across their instagram page a few months back and are now regular viewers of their YouTube channels and Emma’s Blog (links below).

Emma is primarily a Lifestyle Blogger helping people to save and to make extra money, with Tony focussing on their Reselling business.  We asked them to answer some questions for us so that you can get to know them a little better: 


1. Emma, you are a successful Blogger, can you tell us a bit about your blog? When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in December 2010 because I had to look online for ways to make money – I had graduated into the recession and couldn’t find a job. I wanted a sort of diary telling people what I had tried to do to make money, and whether it worked.

Somehow along the way it turned into a success, winning awards and it now brings in 6 figures a year, which blows my mind.

My blog, EmmaDrew.Info has the motto “Make money, save money, live the life you want” which is what I am all about! I detail genuine ways to make extra money and save money, as well as showing the things we’ve been able to afford by doing those things, such as our wedding or holidays.

2. When did you start reselling and what was your inspiration to start?

Emma has always done reselling in one form or another. As a child, her parents ran a farm shop, and they would give her a budget to spend in the wholesalers so that she could run a tuck shop and any profit she made was hers to keep. She quickly learned the value of reinvesting her profits though.

Although we have dabbled in reselling, we decided to make a proper go of it in January 2017. We wanted to diversify our income a little more, and since then we have found a really fun side hustle.

3. What sort of items do you enjoy picking up to resell?

We both have an eye for different things – Tony is good at finding typically “nerdy” items like computer games and Warhammer, whereas Emma is good at clothes and more feminine things.

Our favourites are when we pick up a box of miscellaneous items at the auction for £1 or £2 and there are amazing finds. Just recently we won a box for £2, purely for an FBA DVD (£80 on Amazon, kerching!) and discovered a box of old coins at the bottom of the box – the most expensive having recently sold for £40.

4. Like us, you are a married couple working together, what would you say are the pros and cons of working with your spouse?

It is both a blessing and the hardest thing we have done! Previous to working together, we were working opposite shifts and we hardly saw each other, which wasn’t a great way to start married life. Now we love that we can work together, but if one of us doesn’t feel like working, it is so simple to give up on the day and go and do something else.

We both have different goals and different methods of working, which can be a constant challenge. Whilst we agree that we both have the same end goals (more money and more time together), we don’t agree on how we will make it happen.

We constantly compromise, and remind ourselves that before we did this, we hardly saw each other.

 drew 2

5. Do you run your business entirely from home?  What are the problems or benefits of this?

We run our business entirely from home, but we have separate offices and we have defined roles. Tony does eBay listings and parcels whilst Emma does…everything else.

If we find we are suffering from cabin fever then it is easy enough to visit friends, work from a coffee shop or use it as an excuse to go sourcing.

6. You both have growing YouTube channels – tell us a bit about that.  What do you enjoy about YouTube?

We both have YouTube channels and we love what we create there. On Tony’s channel he focuses on reselling hauls and thrifty bits, such as meal planning, and on Emma’s channel you have everything from Disney holiday vlogs to what’s awesome in Poundland every month.

The great thing about YouTube is the diversity and the community. We have some local viewers and getting regular comments from them is amazing.

7. What advice would you give someone who is thinking of starting either blogging or a YouTube channel?

Don’t over think it and don’t compare yourself to others. People will come and read or watch your channel for YOU, not because you’re doing the same as everyone else.

8. Do you have a plan moving forward for your blog and reselling? Are there other passive and/or entrepreneurial income streams you would like to explore? Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

We love passive income, and we have worked hard to have property, a book and affiliate income as passive income. As well as this, Emma wants to release a course teaching others how to create a 6 figure blog like hers, and Tony wants to ramp up the eBay business.

Of course, we don’t even know exactly what tomorrow looks like, and we are always happy to evolve and change with the times as needed.

Tony’s YouTube Channel:


Emma’s YouTube Channel:



Thank you to Emma and Tony for taking the time to talk to us.  You can also find them on:


Emma’s Blog –
Emma’s Instagram –
Emma’s Twitter –

Tony’s Blog –
Tony’s Instagram –

Reselling Instagram –

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