Focus on Friends: Zaheer & Rebecca Malik

This month we are featuring our good friends Zaheer & Rebecca Malik.  Nic & Zaheer got to know one another via their YouTube channels shortly after Nic started making YouTube videos about reselling.  They have become firm friends in the 3 years that have followed.  It’s been a true pleasure to get to know Zaheer & Bec, a lovelier couple you couldn’t meet, and I’m so happy to call them our friends.

In the last year they have moved their family of four to the North of England, Bec has joined Zaheer in their reselling business and they have started to make videos together. Their weekly Friday evening ‘Reseller Chinwag’ show on YouTube is informative, great fun, and has become a place for the community to gather and ‘socialise’.  This week Bec launched her own YouTube channel which will be less reseller orientated and more about her life and her crafting interests.

There are links below to both YouTube channels and Social Media accounts.  Let’s get to know the Maliks…

1. Describe your journey so far in reselling?

Zaheer: Crazy! That is the first word that comes to mind- can’t believe it’s already been 3 years at least since I started watching YouTuber resellers from the States and then like many others, coming across Nic’s videos which gave me the push to give it a go myself. Now I could not see myself doing anything else!

Rebecca: It has been very up and down to be honest. The hardest part was dealing with leaving my full time job which as well as providing me with security was also somewhere I loved to work and had made many good friends. Since then I have really started to grow in confidence especially when it comes to sourcing which was another concern I had.

2. Bec, when Zaheer started reselling what was your reaction? How and why did you decide to get involved?

I’ve always been supportive of Zaheer throughout all his job changes but this time it was even easier as I could see a level of excitement and motivation in him that I had not seen before. It also helped that at the time I was in my full time job so we were able to cope financially too. It was seeing what Zaheer was able to achieve in a relatively short space of time that got me thinking that this was a lifestyle I could see us both adopting- especially as work was slowly but surely demanding more and more of my time. Also the thought of having the flexibility to go to the children’s parents evenings, plays etc, was attractive, as most of the time I was unable to go to these events.

3. Like us you are a husband and wife team – what pros and cons are there to working together with your spouse?

Pros – We enjoy each others company and generally get along very well. We also bring different strengths to the business, Bec is organized, methodical whilst I do other things LOL A major benefit is also being able to kick each other out of a motivational rut- although this can also be a con as one person can bring another down!

Cons – We can also get on each others nerves, which is especially hard as since moving we do not have the family network to fall back on.

4. You have a fantastic YouTube channel- tell us about that and what you love about YouTube. What are your plans for the channel?

We are eternally indebted to what YouTube has done for us. If it was not for YouTube, we would have never met you guys or made the amazing friends/networks we now have. The live chat is one of our favourite things, simply due to the interaction with the chat- it makes us feel part of the community and gives us an amazing sense of satisfaction that we resonate with so many people! In terms of plans, we hope to put out content on a more consistent basis and continue with the live chats!

5. What type of items do you both enjoy sourcing for reselling?

Whilst we enjoy sourcing together, we are seldom in the same place at the same time simply because we are usually looking at totally different things! I love nothing more than picking up vintage HifI etc whilst Bec is normally knee deep in clothes/haberdashery!

6. What advice would you give someone new to reselling who wants to give it a go?

It’s a brilliant lifestyle but the one piece of advice we would both give is to be prepared mentally for how stressful and difficult it can be when you are totally responsible for your income and those kerchings are nowhere to be heard!

YouTube – Zaheer Malik:

YouTube – Rebecca Malik:


A big thank you to Zaheer & Bec for taking the time to talk to us 🙂

Other than YouTube you can also find them on the links below:

Zaheer & Rebecca’s Reselling Facebook Page

Zaheer’s Instagram

Rebecca’s Instagram

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