How to snipe items on ebay

In this post I talk about how & why I use a sniping website…

Ebay itself is a huge resource when it comes to finding stock to re-sell, over the years I have found countless bargains on ebay and flipped them for profit either back on ebay or on Amazon.

Quite often these items are listed as auctions and for many years I have used an automated bidding service to do my bidding for me.

In this first video I show some items I sniped and then go on to explain how sniping works


There are many different websites that offer this type of service which is often referred to as ‘sniping’, and they all offer 2 main benefits which I will discuss in detail below..

I prefer to use a site called ‘Bidnip’ and really recommend it – use this link to take a look Click here to visit ‘Bidnip’

In the next video (below) I share a profitable flip I had from using a sniping programme…


There are 2 main benefits to be gained from using a sniping website:


Remote, hassle free bidding at any time of day or night..

Using a sniping service to do your bidding for you means you do not have to wait around until the end of an auction to place your bid, you copy and paste the item number into the website – set your high bid and set the time to bid, then you can forget about it and leave the website to do the work for you. If the auction ends at 3am, on while you are enjoying a beer in the pub, you can be safe that your bid will be placed for you while you are busy doing other things or fast asleep in bed.


Bidding in the last few seconds.

As well as taking the hassle out of trying to win auctions the other huge benefit is how precisely timed your bids can be.

We have all tried placing a bid in the dying seconds of a listing – only for someone to quickly place a counter bid moments later and take the item for a few pence more… so frustrating.

Using a sniping website you can set the time your bid is placed. I tend to go for 3 seconds before it finishes. This means any potential competitors do not have the time to react and place a higher bid. Of course your bid still has to be higher that any already placed in advance, but if you have placed the maximum you wee prepared to pay, then you were never going to win the item anyway.

Here is the link again to the site I like to use: Link here

In this last video I share some more successful ‘snipes’ I have had :0



I really hope this post was useful, any questions please feel free to contact us 🙂

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  1. Hello,

    Do you mind I ask are you still using the BidNip website? Some people are mentioning that it does not work anymore.



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