Auction VS Buy it now.. my views on the debate

This topic comes up very often within the reselling community and there are many varied opinions on the best way to sell your items on ebay.

I get asked a lot on my youtube channel if I use Auction or Buy it Now and what are my reasons for my choice….

I tend to sell using Buy it now, and only use auction for very few specific items…

Many people successfully sell on ebay using the auction format and I do not claim to have all the answers or that my methods are ‘right’ but in the following videos I discuss my reasons why I choose to sell the way I do, I also take a look at some results that compare Buy it Now & Auction results…

In this first video I look at some cold hard numbers – I look at the same item ending on Auction and Buy it now and compare the results achieved… if you want to learn the basics about the 2 selling formats before looking at some numbers please view the lower video first…


In this second video I talk about the different formats and what they mean and explain my reasons for preferring Buy it Now over Auction


I hope this was helpful… if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me either through the blog or on facebook….


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