Skills we need to sell online – with guest Lonnie

Our guest reseller this week was my good friend Lonnie

As a topic we decided to look at the skills we have learnt in order to be successful resellers, and also look at skills we had from our previous jobs and lives that we have adapted and used in our reselling.

A huge thanks to Lonnie for joining us – Lonnie has his own Youtube channel called ‘Garage Flips’ which you can check out here – Lonnie’s Channel



I hope you enjoy the video, see you in the next one 🙂

2 thoughts

  1. hi Nick . i was only thinking about social media the other day. great Lonnie spoke about it. I have FB, Twitter and Pinterest but not linked them to my ebay shop. I was unsure where I stood with copyright and showing/selling a brand. ie disney car. am i being over cautious?


    1. Hi, it’s Andrea… I don’t think you’d have copyright issues. Brands are shared on Social Media all the time. We haven’t had any problems with sharing branded items ourselves and there are many resellers who do the same. Many branded items in general are pinned to Pinterest every day.


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