Selling Sylvanian Families on ebay

This week one of the things I have been working on is sorting and listing my Sylvanian Families figures and play-sets..

There is a good demand for these, and after a spot of research I have decided to sell a few families off individually and do a few bundles…

The Regency Hotel I have I decided to bundle all the figures I had left, this should make it way more desirable and it should sell faster and for considerably more (hopefully)!!

These are the 4 families I have chosen to list seperately…..


The Regency Hotel looked great once populated with figures and some extra furniture, looking at completed listings the hotels go for considerably more when populated and thsese figures add much more value as part of a bundle than I think I could achieve selling them off as just figures…

The hotel also has a battery operated chandelier – these sell on their own for £10 and beyond so look out for those 🙂



I have 2 cottages, both with boxes.
One has the accessories and figure so will command a much higher price… the red one will be sold empty and will not go for way less.


This Caravan is a great little set, I have decided to bundle it with the horse and stable too… again there are a nice selection of accessories to go with it which the collectors pay up for 🙂


I decided to bundle these 3 sets together – ‘School Bus’, ‘Street Market’, & ‘Village shoe Shop’, individually they are not particularly valuable or desirable but as a bundle they should sell well and much quicker hopefully 🙂

I hope that was interesting, if you have any questions or comments please drop us a line either on here or on our facebook page

Nic & Andrea

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