Focus on Friends: Fake Rachel & Jamie

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We got to know Fake Rachel and Jamie via the wonderful world of YouTube a couple of years ago.  Since then we have become good friends and chat with Fake Rachel on a daily basis.   Their videos are always very informative and easy to watch.  They have a wealth of reselling knowledge between them.

We asked them to tell us a bit about themselves:

Jamie, you have recently joined the business full time, how has that changed things, and do either of you have any regrets?
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being full time, with it being an ambition of mine to be able to work for myself. That doesn’t mean it has been easy of course. It can be a real struggle to find time to juggle so many different things, whether it be listing, testing, cleaning, sourcing to household chores and looking after Olive and the dog. But to be honest, I wouldn’t change it for anything. The thought of going back to a 9-5 scares me! We’re both fortunate that we work well together; if anyone is struggling with anything, the other usually picks up the slack. She wears the trousers now anyway! I have no regrets as yet (only been full time just under a year), but the one thing I do miss is interaction with work mates [She can get a little boring after a while]
How does reselling fit around being parents of a young child?
We have one daughter who is 2 years old and it is a hard balancing act. She currently goes to nursery two days a week and we work as much as possible on them two days. On a Sunday morning my sister looks after Olive so that we can go to the car boot. We will try and go on a Saturday with Olive but it is at a much much much much slower pace. On the week days she’s not in nursery one of us looks after her in the morning or the other in the afternoon. To me it feels like a constant juggling act but I count ourselves lucky as I know there are people out there doing it single handedly with kids and still smashing their numbers. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I can’t wait for the nursery day to come along so I can get work done uninterrupted. Come September, Olive’s nursery times will change and we should be much more organised.
Which platforms do you both sell on and does what you sell on each platform vary?  Do you often cross list?
Our main businesses are eBay and Amazon. We tend to focus on eBay from the start to the middle of the year and Amazon for the later part of the year.
On eBay we are generally selling pre loved clothing, secondhand electronics, all the usual stuff.  On Amazon we sell new and used goods.
We don’t cross list between Amazon and eBay but I have recently started listing on Depop, a social media buying app, and cross list my eBay listings from there.
As soon as an item sells on either platform I have to remember to remove it from the other site to avoid the eBay defects.
I do also have a small handmade business on Etsy but it is very slow and I could not survive on this business alone, but it ticks over in the background.






You are very active in Social media.  How important do you think this is for your business and the future of reselling?
My favourite social media platform for being involved in the reselling community is Instagram. I started off on facebook and in the facebook groups and eventually did a youtube video.
Making youtube videos is fun but it is time consuming and very one sided. I prefer Instagram because its much easier to connect with other resellers and see what a whole bunch of people are up to in their day to day lives, from people just starting out blogging their goals to long time resellers sharing hints and tips. From time to time I’ll see people say that it’s not as easy as the youtube videos make out and my advice would be to get yourself on Instagram. There you will see a lot more behind the scenes as well as picks up and sales reports.
Jamie is not active in social media at all, but that’s in all aspects of life, not just reselling. I do occasionally try and drag him in a youTube video so he can explain what he’s picked up. Social media has played a big part in our reselling business from learning what to pick up, learning how to deal with customer service scenarios and giving me confidence.
Social media and reselling is only going to get bigger in the future. You just have to look at the US to see where the trend is going.
Do you and Jamie specialise in or favour different products to resell?  Do you think that this creates greater diversity within your business and helps to increase sales?
We tend to pick up very different things. Jamie tends to pick up sports goods and electronics and has a higher average selling price than me but does less volume.
I tend to pick up clothing and baby items and I have a lower average selling price (between the £12-20 range) but do more volume. For us it’s a great balance.
How do you cope with inventory storage working from home?
We’re lucky that we have a cellar and a garage to be able to store out stock in, and we of course hold our stock up in Amazon’s warehouses. I have recently found a great listing
spot in the house where the natural light is perfect but unfortunatley it is in Olives bedroom and I have to take down a big picture frame when I’m listing using the wall. So our stock does spill over when listing, but Jamie is a very organised person and is good at putting stuff away thankfully as being messy is a flaw of mine.
Where do you and Jamie see your business in 5 years time?
At the moment I think we’re both very happy where our businesses are. We personally don’t want, or need, to hit the VAT threshold to live the lifestyle that we want so we plan on staying under that.
You can find Fake Rachel & Jamie on YouTube.  Here are a few of their videos…





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Thanks so much to you both for taking the time to answer our questions.

For more information follow the links provided above.

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