Zaheer Braves the shave…!

Our good friends Zaheer & Bec decided that for their year Anniversary of the weekly ‘Chinwag’ youtube show Bec would shave off Zaheer’s luscious long locks in aid of charity.

All donations given will go to MacMillan Cancer support which is a charity that helps cancer patients and their families through challenging times… it is a charity very close to many people and a truly worthy cause. Click here to visit the donations page

The evening started with some pre-shave styling – pig tails, and even some lippy (which brought in a flurry of donations)

The moment could not be held off any longer and Bec tentatively began, to start one pig tail went…. and Zaheer ended up with half a head of hair…

Steve couldn’t resist and got in on the action, having his head shaved by a half-bald Zaheer!!

With donations rolling in, there was no going back and the rest had to come off

And in a flash – it was gone…  the donations came in thick and fast right to the bitter end which was very humbling to see and greatly appreciated as the total smashed through £2000!!!


Andrea and I were lucky enough to join Zaheer, Bec & Steve Hixxy for the event which was so much fun, watch the video below to see Zaheer go from very long black hair to completely bald….. with some interesting styles along the way 🙂

The donate page will remain open so please use this link to go accross and donate all you can…click here to visit the donations page


On the night Zaheer & Bec raised an amazing £2000 but with your help that total can continue to grow…

A huge congratulations to Zaheer & Bec for a wonderful event and an amazing amount raised for charity.

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