Sorting our haul of car parts…

Following our recent purchase of a huge haul of Hyundai & Isuzu car parts at auction we have been very busy, researching, sorting and organising the stock.

Our spare room is now home to the the Air filter, Air-con filter and some of the oil filter stock.

This is all sorted into stacks of the same part number ready to list.


In my office is all the Isuzu oil filters… (below)

I thought I was done – until I discovered the crate at the bottom!!! Damn it!!




After adding in the rest of the Hyundai oil & fuel filters it starts to look quite impressive 🙂




Below is the only listed stock so far, each product line has a location number (A1, A2 etc)




Once listed the location number is inserted into the ‘custom label’ field on the ebay listing

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 16.46.22


just when i thought I was finished with filters I found this…




AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH !!!! will it never end…

Plus this is only the consumables, we have not even started on the hundreds of spares and larger parts…. Good job we like a challenge!

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