Focus on Friends: Lonnie Honeycutt AKA Garage Flips

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Lonnie is a fellow reseller and Youtuber from the deep south of America & we have become friends over the past couple of years.

I first ‘found’ Lonnie when he had just started making reselling videos, really enjoyed the content and quickly realised he was my sort of guy!

We have been good friends now for for a while and featured in videos on each other’s channels and as part of the six-pack show, a revolving show about reselling which rotates around several channels and features reseller chat and drinking beer….

I asked Lonnie a few questions for this post – I hope you enjoy the read…

How Long  have you been reselling and what got you started?

I have been selling full-time a little over 3 years. I was in a spot where I was really unhappy in my job. I had sold on ebay as a hobby pretty much since it started, so I had a little experience and an account.

One day while walking downtown we came across a cart with a bunch of educational robots in front of a shop. I bought them all for $150 and ended up selling them for $1500.

After that I was hooked for good and went out looking for everything I could flip. Pretty soon I quit my job and decided to make a full time go of it. Looking back, I wasn’t even close to being ready to sell full time but I’m still glad I made the move.

A lot of us feel “stuck” in our own inertia, but for whatever reason I said “F it” and gave it a go. Best thing I ever did.

How do you source your stock and what type of items do you like to sell?

I source most of my stock from garage sales – I find they have the highest return on investment and the most interesting stuff. During the week I will go to a local thrift store every day and will occasionally pickup a thing or two there.

After 3 years I am still very passionate about garage sales – I spend a good bit of time making a detailed route the night before, and the thrill of the hunt makes it feel like Christmas morning every time I go out.

Not even joking. Still that passionate about them. It’s just great getting out on the road, meeting people, negotiating and finding TREASURE.

My favourite thing to source…I guess I would have to say electronics or video games. But really my favourite thing to source is the thing that seemingly no one else thinks has value.

When I can show up at a yard sale at noon, after hundreds of people have walked through, and still find an absolute SCORE – I feel like I won. It’s always about the money, but I love bringing home the trophies if that makes any sense.

Tell us a bit about your channel and what you love about being a Youtuber

From the start my channel was about going to garage sales and finding cool stuff to sell online. It’s been almost two years and it’s the same thing. My channel is mostly about the “STUFF”, I love finding, learning about, selling and sharing the stuff that I find out there.

I’ve tried different things from time to time, but I’ve always found that when I talk about the stuff I am reselling people seem to like it.

I love several things about being a YouTuber.

#1 – I get to connect with others that are like me. I get to show what I’m doing and find people out there that actually care!

#2 – I’ve made a lot of great friends by being a YouTuber. It’s actually a pretty tight fraternity and I’ve made some of the best friends in my life from being on YouTube. Kinda hard to place a value on a true friend.

#3 When a viewer messages me and lets me know that I helped them in some way, big or small. That always feels really good.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention – the videos I make are monetized and while it’s not a TON of money, it is pretty cool to have a hobby that actually pays you. Most people’s hobbies cost them money. Mine pays for gifts and vacations. That’s pretty cool.

What advice can you give for someone wanting to try their hand at reselling?

Be willing to try anything.

If you find you really dislike a certain niche, abandon it quickly. Watch videos, read facebook groups, research – but find your own path. Trust your instincts. When you are on the fence whether to make the purchase or not – BUY IT.

Nic Hills once told me – “we only regret the risks we DON’T take”. Not sure if he made that up or not but it sure is true and I remember it every time I have a decision to make.

What are your plans for your business and youtube channel?

Plans for my business – I really want to have a complete office space and warehouse, away from home. I would love to never bring any of my inventory to my home again. A lot of times I feel like I am never off the clock.

I love what I do, but it is very challenging to keep a healthy work/life balance as a reseller. I also want enough warehouse space so that storage space is not really a factor in my decision to purchase something or not.

for YouTube – Steady as she goes. I try a new thing or two, but I think I am best about talking about the things I buy and sell and that’s what I’ll continue to do.

I’m ecstatic with the growth I’ve had and think it will continue. Always willing to try new things, but I will also remember to stick to my roots.


Below are a couple of videos to give you a flavour of the content on Lonnie’s channel… make sure to sub to his channel while you are there 🙂

 Click here to visit Lonnie’s channel




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