Focus on Friends:- Steve & Steph – The Resale Killers

We first saw Steve & Steph on Lonnie (Garage Flips) channel and instantly thought ‘these crazy cats are our sort of people’.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 02.28.16

Since then we have grown to know and love Steve & Steph as have so many others in the reselling community.

Their Youtube channel is like no other, packed with crazy, fun stuff but with a solid core of interesting, informative and often very inspiring reselling.

Below is a selection of videos from their channel, and a couple we made together from our channel to give you a small flavour, or you can Click this link to visit their channel now and hit that subscribe button.

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We sent over a bunch of questions for Steve and Steph to help us learn a bit more about them and their story…. hope you enjoy.

1) tell us about yourselves and how you got started as resellers

We have been married since 2001 and we met at work when we worked for a construction company that ultimately went out of business when the economy crashed here in California. We were miserable in our jobs and stressed and our lives had no extra time whatsoever…just filled with work and stress and the daily grind.

When we knew our jobs were ending we decided if it was possible, we never wanted to work for someone else again and we started pursuing our own business…but in construction…which we hated.

As Steve was getting his contractor’s license and the business set up, he started selling off everything around the house and was thrilled at how much things were selling for! More than what we paid oftentimes (we’ve always been thrifty buyers). We started hitting yard sales and thrift stores looking for stuff to resell on eBay.

This led to us deciding to ditch the dreaded construction business and try to do this full time if we could swing it! We found that sourcing was very time consuming (especially as beginners!) and found we needed more volume with higher profits to be able to do this as a living, so we started buying from auctions, liquidation and wholesale…first by the lot, then by the pallet…now we buy by the truckload!

2) You talk a lot about local selling in your videos – what inspired you to try that and how has it changed your business

We used to sell only on eBay (with the occasional Craigslist and Amazon), but our eyes were opened in 2017 when we went to breakfast with our daughter Amanda and were sitting at Starbucks and she was texting with a lady arranging a sale or purchase right there in the Starbucks parking lot for something for our grandson.

We had NO idea there was this whole world of local selling that we’d never known about that was booming in our area! Craigslist activity had depleted to almost none but apparently there were these new apps people were using that were all the rage! We decided to give it a try and list a few items on all the apps (LetGo, OfferUp, VarageSale, 5 Miles, Wish, and Facebook Marketplace (and local groups), etc ) and see if we had any luck.

We sold something that day and have never looked back! When we got our next truckload of 17 pallets of High End department store customer returns (kitchen housewares), we decided to challenge ourselves and attempt to sell ALL of it on the local apps!

And we started YouTube channel to document this craziness! Our very first video is awful and boring and is shot portrait not landscape…but we started our channel on that precarious delivery day! Every day we do a video and it shows the stuff we sell and the crazy stuff we encounter on this reselling journey we don’t call a “job”.

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3) What do you love most about reselling and what are the down sides (if any)

We love everything about reselling…local reselling most of all! No fees, no packaging, no shipping supplies, no eBay phone calls, no glitches, we are in complete control of this chaotic life!

Listing is easier—only a few pictures and no one expects a thorough listing! As a matter of fact, most items listed locally barely have a title or description at all and they sell (we come from the eBay background so ours are overkill on descriptions and pictures), but it’s very freeing!

Meeting with people locally is fun and it is cash in hand immediately! No returns either (though we do offer them–I think we’ve had one only in the thousands of items we sell locally). We also sell at swap meets/flea markets (like boot or jumble sales) here to get rid of the stuff that is heavily used, items that must be seen in person to sell to catch an eye, or items that aren’t worth our time to meet someone locally (generally less than $20). 

The downsides to selling locally are scheduling, amount of communication and effort required to get a sale to completion, and of course the dreaded flakes! We have definitely mastered the art of selling locally and have some guidelines and tips we try to follow that minimize the flakes and eliminate no-shows.

We also have learned some extra tricks about maximizing a sale with the art of ‘The Upsale” where we bring a few extra lower priced items (or related items to the item they are buying) that are hard to move and try to upsell a buyer when we meet them.

4) what is it like working full-time alongside your spouse?

We LOVE enjoy our lives now as full-time resellers—mainly because we enjoy each other so much and this has opened up TIME to live our lives.

We love to work together and spend every breathing minute together! LOL It’s not for all couples, but it’s for amazing us. We really love it so much. We have time for our family now, we have time to enjoy our grandkids and kids and friends….and our new YouTube friends!

5) Tell us a bit about your youtube channel, why you do it and what you love about being youtubers

Our YouTube channel isn’t necessarily about reselling…it’s pretty much about nothing and anything—we like that freedom! We don’t want to be locked into something specific and have our subs expect anything meaningful or helpful for reselling LOL.

We do YouTube for us. We go live almost every single day and share our lives with you and we are resellers, so you might pick up a tip or two inadvertently, but it’s not to be expected or presumed….and certainly not promised. 

What we love most about YouTube is YOU guys! We have so much fun with our YouTube friends and we learn a lot from you and you guys learn a lot from each other. Our chat is extremely lively and fun and full of laughs. That’s what we love about being Youtubers…we love the other YouTubers!

6) Finally what plans do you have for your business & channel.

Our motto is Enjoy Your Life (aka EYL) and that’s what our ultimate plan is!

Wherever this crazy reselling adventure takes us we will go and take YouTube with us—whoever wants to join in on the fun, we welcome you!


A huge thanks to Steve & Steph for taking the time out to share that with us x


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Below are the 2 videos from our channel that Steve and Steph joined us on, take a look. Also check out the selection below to get a glimpse into the wonderful world that is “The Resale Killers’





I cannot recommend their videos enough, full of joy and humour, and beneath it all are 2 very successful resellers who know a thing or two about how to make money!!


5 thoughts

  1. I love you and what you do I tried to dumpster dive but I had someone to tell me it was illegal because of spit and it could make you sick .What are your thoughts on this? I really had fun and was only told one time to leave.


  2. Steve and Stephanie I watch you as often as I can. You are the Laurel and Hardy of dumpster diving internet Fame. I don’t know how to go live with y’all but I have loads of fun my little girl dachshund who had the big crush on Jerry Seinfeld wants to know if Steve has an older brother haha for me but I am sure no one could ever be as cool or funny as Steve thanks for the good times Mary Ann from Georgia


  3. I love watching your videos. I love what you and your husband do with the items you find. I probably have watched at least 10 of your videos and find joy in every one.continue doing what your doing God bless you both


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