Focus on Friends – Carla Jenkins

Carla is a fellow reseller, YouTuber, and all round ‘good-egg’, based in Bristol in the UK.

We got to know each other through YouTube and are pleased that she agreed to answer a few questions and feature on our “Focus on Friends” blog page.

The link to Carla’s Youtube channel and a selection of her videos are below, so please take the time to have a look.




1) How long have you been reselling and what got you started?


I’ve been on ebay since 2003, and over the years there have been times when I might have only had a few listings, and times when I’ve been on it a lot more.

It’s been my ‘main’ job and income for just over two years now.

I think I started the same way most people do, just selling off a few of my own items that I didn’t need any more, but I’ve always loved car boot sales so when I saw a couple of things at the boot sales that I had owned and sold on, I knew I could sell it again – a monster was born 😀


2) What sort of items do you buy to resell. What are your favourite and least favourite items to list/sell and why?


I buy clothes, bric a brac, books, toys, all sorts! Anything I think I can turn a profit on.
The bulk of my stock is clothing simply because it’s so easy and cheap to source, and easy to post.

I don’t know if I have a favourite – but my least favourite is computers, gaming stuff etc.
I just don’t know enough about it or care to learn 😀


3) Where do you source your stock from, and how often do you go sourcing?


My stock comes from charity shops and car boot sales.

I’d love to find more jumble sales but they’re few and far between in my area.
I go to at least one car boot sale every weekend, sometimes two or three.

And I try to pop into every charity shop I pass, and living in a city that’s a LOT.
So most days I pick something up to resell.


4) What are your plans for your business in the future?


I’m not really a planner – I tend to just coast along and go with the flow.
I plan to keep on selling tat and paying the bills!

I’m on almost 1000 listings now so this month I expect to go over the 1000. That’s about it!


5) When did you start your YouTube channel and what do you enjoy about making YouTube videos?


I started my channel in January 2017 and I’m just under 1500 subscribers now.

I began because I had enjoyed and gained from many YouTubers in the reselling community and I wanted to join in, give back, and contribute.
I don’t think my videos are particularly useful but I think they’re entertaining at least!

I enjoy the social interaction – most of my videos are live streams and it gives me a chance to chat with people who do what I do.

Reselling can be a bit isolating and it’s good to connect with people who ‘get it’


Please click this link to visit Carla’s YouTube channel here.

Carla makes regular live haul videos which are always fun with a busy side chat, there are also vlogs such as the series of videos documenting the ‘Gromit Hunting’ in and around Bristol


Here are a couple of Carla’s the reselling haul videos.



As well as the car boot and charity shop hauls, Carla makes great vlogs.



A huge thanks to Carla for taking part in the blog, we hope you enjoyed the read, make sure to pop over to Carla’s channel and say hello

Nic & Andrea x

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