Focus on Friends: Adz Robinson

If you haven’t already heard of Adz Robinson, quite frankly, where have you been?  Adz is a reselling YouTuber who brings a bit of colour to the lives of his audience and fellow reselling friends.  His quirky and eccentric take on the reselling world is refreshing, and his videos can offer a pick me up to an otherwise humdrum day.

Adz is a UK based full time eBay and Amazon Reseller.  We have got to know Adz within the community over the last three years, and he has kindly agreed to answer some questions for us so that you can get to know him better too…


  1. How long have you been selling on eBay and how did you get started?

I started reselling on a very small scale when I was 13 on my parent’s account. I mainly bought pocket money kids toys from NDA Toys and also wholesale rain ponchos from Poncho Poncho. But I started reselling more ‘professionally’, if you could call it that in June 2015, after watching Nic Hills’ videos.  I previously thought that eBay was more for wholesale and I was amazed that the used goods business model was even a thing.

2. Do you specialise in anything that you sell, or would you class yourself as a generalist seller?

mqdefault (1)I specialise now mainly in collectibles &  ceramics from auctions, but in the past I have specialised in Video Games & Lego. I would say despite specialising in different niches, I am still somewhat of a generalist seller because I’ll pick up most things if there is a profit to be made, with the exception of furniture & maybe ladies clothes.


3. What do you enjoy picking up to resell the most?

I enjoy picking up Metalware, Art Deco Ceramics, Hats, and Lego Minifigures probably the most.


4. Are there any other platforms that you sell on?  If so what makes them different to eBay?

I also sell on Amazon FBA which is mainly sealed Lego.  Obviously the platform differs to eBay because it is mainly new goods, and that is generally my route with Amazon these days, solely new stuff.  But in the past I have also sold used video games on there.


5. Do you resell full time or do you have other income streams?

I currently resell full time although I don’t have my own place which allows me to save and invest a lot more money than a lot of people.  I currently have a few smaller income streams alongside Amazon and eBay.  These are: Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Cryptocurrency and Skillshare.  But the vast majority of my other income streams are more a hobby and something to build up over the long term.

6. Tell us a bit about your YouTube channel.  When and how did it start?  Is your content mainly focussed on reselling?

I started my reselling channel just over three years ago now and I generally do a range of videos, however they are all focussed on reselling in its various forms.  I also have a distinct brand of personality and comedy which I effortlessly include in my content.


7. Do you have plans for your channel and your business moving forward?

I have been in an indecisive frame of mind about my channel recently.  No doubt I will be continuing it and of course it will be about reselling.  However, I am undecided in the direction I want it to take.  I have a few ideas such as more guests on the channel, more reselling comedy shorts or more out and about/creative videos.  But I don’t want my channel to become too broad with its content at the same time.  I would like to specialise more.  Maybe more in the region of reselling comedy.  But as I say I am still undecided.


8. What advice would you give to anyone starting a reselling business?

Choose something you love to sell, focus 100% of your energy on that one niche, sell on only one platform to start with not to overwhelm yourself and just go for it, enjoy the ride and solve the problems as they come along.


You can find Adz on:

YouTube – Adz Robinson


Instagram – @adzrobo96

Website – Adz Robinson – Reseller


Thanks to Adz for taking the time to talk to us today. 

If you want to know more about Adz please check out his YouTube channel (above) and give him a follow on Instagram.

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