Identifying a fake Lacoste Shirt…

I generally avoid purchasing designer brands due to my lack of knowledge in spotting a fake, however in order to learn sometimes we need to make these mistakes. 

With that in mind, I recently purchased two Lacoste Shirts in a Charity Shop.  At the time I didn’t know how to identify fakes and I didn’t know what to look out for in a genuine label.  As it turned out, having done some research when I got them home, I discovered that one was genuine and one was fake.

There are three main things that I learned are important to look out for are – The label inside the collar, the Crocodile and the care label inside the shirt:

The label inside the collar

This should be a rectangular box shape with the Lacoste logo in the centre.  Look out for the placement of the size number to make sure that it is in the top left hand corner, and it is in a red font.  The Crocodile should have white eyeballs.  There will always be a second label below with the RN and CA numbers on, with information on where the shirt was designed and manufactured. If there is no second label the shirt is likely not to be genuine.  The stitching quality will also give away a fake… if the label is badly and loosely stitched I would question it.

The Crocodile

Look out for the quality of the sewing and what it looks like behind the motif.  Other things to note are the shape of the Crocodile’s body and tail, the zig zags on his body and the placement of the tongue.  The tongue will start at the back of the throat and continue along the bottom of his jaw in an almost triangular fashion.  Try a Google image search of the Crocodile to get an idea.

The care label

The genuine care label should be a longer rectangular shape showing the materials used and the washing instructions in various languages.  You will also see ‘Devanlay’ at the bottom of the genuine label.  On newer Lacoste shirts this has been replaced with ‘Lacoste Operations’.

I hope that this has been helpful in some way… please let us know in the comments.  Also please comment if you think there is anything else important to note when spotting a fake. Thanks 🙂

I’ve also done a YouTube Video on this…

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