Legend of Zagor board game…

I picked up this amazing board game at a car boot sale for £3, in this video I take a look inside and find out what is included and if it is complete.

It is a very scarce game and is really holding it’s value – these are well worth picking up is you see them at the right price.

Produced by Parker/Hasbro in 1993 and I believe it was a European exclusive issue.

Stick around till the end of the video when I take a look on ebay to find out how much these games are selling for today.


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Why we love jumble sales so much…

Andrea and I love nothing more than a good rummage at a jumble sale. Check out the videos below to see some of the items we have found and even some footage taken at the sales.


What is a jumble sale?

Here in the UK a jumble sale is usually run by a local group or charity, such as the cub scouts, a church, or school.

They tend to be held in a village hall, church building or community centre. Usually consisting of rows of tables with junk piled high, they tend to be seperated into tables of clothing, brick-a-brack (general junk), books, and toys.

Usually run by volunteers, the prices are normally very cheap, all the items are donated and the organisers want it all to go, so the items are priced cheap to get it gone, often towards the end, things are reduced to as low as 10p or even given away for free.

We find they are a great place to experiment with our purchases and take a few chances on things, because the prices are so low the investment is minimal and many times we have learnt about a new niche from taking a chance on an item at a jumble sale.


Be prepared.

Get there early, some of our local regular sales are so popular people start queuing an hour or more before the doors even open.

Also jumble sales have a reputation for being quite ferocious, expect there to be pushing and shoving, it can be utter mayhem especially at the start! So get your elbows ready and get stuck in.

A few big bags are essential, and pockets full of change will speed things up.


How can I find a Jumble Sale?

Keep an eye on local papers, community notice boards as well as searching on facebook and google and hopefully you will manage to find a jumble sale in your area soon

Many jumble sales are held annually or in some cases every few months.

Also if you do find a jumble sale remember to ask the organisers when the next one is or if they know of any others in the area. Also try to get to know other jumble sale regulars, get chatting & try to find out about other jumbles they visit 🙂


Check out this video below in which I show how much I sold some items we found at jumble sales.

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Moonwalk Charity Marathon Training

We are walking a marathon for charity!!!

In March 2018 we will be doing the London Moonwalk, an overnight 26 mile walk through London in aid of Breast Cancer charities.

If you can donate even a small amount we would be very grateful the link to the charity page is here; Link to charity page

We have been training for quite a while now and building up our fitness and stamina, the video below follows us on our longest training walk so far of 10 miles… the target was an average pace of 15 minutes per mile….

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How to find local bargains on ebay…

In the video below I share how I find items on ebay which are for local collection only.

Items without a postage option have a drastically reduced audience & fewer bids tend to be placed on ‘pick up only’ items leading them to selling for much less than they normally would. Continue reading

Using a window blind as an ebay photography backdrop.


Andrea needed a new plain white backdrop for her ebay clothing pictures,

we wanted something that didn’t take up any space and could be packed away easily.

The perfect solution was a roller window blind. Continue reading

Interview with Ronnie Hart from ‘Hart Pickers”

I was lucky enough to have the chance to chat with Ronnie Hart from ‘Hart Pickers’ on our youtube channel.

Ronnie is a very experienced full-time reseller based in the USA who specialises in selling clothing. He also has a very popular and successful youtube channel where he shares many hints and tips on clothing reselling as well as regular hangouts with other resellers.

I hope you enjoy the chat and can learn something from Ronnie’s experience.

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Come Thrift With Me at the Jumble Sale – Jumble Sale Haul to Make and Save Money

The beauty of a jumble sale as a clothing reseller is twofold.  On the one hand the prices are low which means that there is always a good profit to be made.  On the other hand, the chances are that you will find one or two items for yourself too, so you can revive your wardrobe on a budget.


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Sorting our haul of car parts…

Following our recent purchase of a huge haul of Hyundai & Isuzu car parts at auction we have been very busy, researching, sorting and organising the stock.

Our spare room is now home to the the Air filter, Air-con filter and some of the oil filter stock.

This is all sorted into stacks of the same part number ready to list.

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