Monty: My trip to the vets


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Bathtime… oh no!!!!



Every now and then, my Mum and Dad decide that I smell… and need a bath…

I am never impressed with this situation… firstly, I am a dog, dogs smell, so deal with it I say…  personally I think Mum and Dad smell, but you don’t see me dragging them off to the water torture room do you…

Anyway – seeing as I had to endure this humiliating ritual I thought I may as well share with you guys….


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Monty’s Monday Message #3

Mum told me that people enjoyed my last couple of messages, so now she pesters me to do one every week…. It’s bank holiday Monday Mum!!! I was busy chilling…..

Anyway – hope you like it – feel free to share the video with someone who may appreciate it and copy the image below to keep or share 🙂



Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.10.18

My walk by the river…. by Monty


I decided to take the family for a stroll down the river today – they had been cooped up for too long staring at their screens and thought they needed some fresh air..

I let Mum and Ellen play on the swings for a while, Dad & I are far to grown up for that sort of thing


Dad tried to capture my rugged beauty with a few pictures, not sure he was getting my good side, he tries, bless him. Continue reading

Monty’s Motivational Monday Video #1


Monty is more than just our scruffy dog…. He is actually a deep thinking scruffy dog…. he spends many long hours in deep thought contemplating life. (or snoozing as us mere humans refer to it)

We thought it only right to give him an outlet to share his pearls of wisdom with the world, and so Monty’s Motivational Mondays was born…

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Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 19.25.37

Monty welcomes you…


Hi… I’m Monty.


My Mum and Dad run this website and they said I could have my own blog.  I love hearing from all my admirers out there.  Don’t be shy, say ‘hello’ if you want to in the comments below.  I’ll always reply… if I don’t I’m sure Mum will 😉

Thanks for dropping by.  I’ll keep you up to date on my weekly adventures.  See you soon.

Monty x