Legend of Zagor board game…

I picked up this amazing board game at a car boot sale for £3, in this video I take a look inside and find out what is included and if it is complete.

It is a very scarce game and is really holding it’s value – these are well worth picking up is you see them at the right price.

Produced by Parker/Hasbro in 1993 and I believe it was a European exclusive issue.

Stick around till the end of the video when I take a look on ebay to find out how much these games are selling for today.


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How to find local bargains on ebay…

In the video below I share how I find items on ebay which are for local collection only.

Items without a postage option have a drastically reduced audience & fewer bids tend to be placed on ‘pick up only’ items leading them to selling for much less than they normally would. Continue reading

Using a window blind as an ebay photography backdrop.


Andrea needed a new plain white backdrop for her ebay clothing pictures,

we wanted something that didn’t take up any space and could be packed away easily.

The perfect solution was a roller window blind. Continue reading

Ghost Castle Board Game – a closer look

I picked up a copy of Ghost castle at a car boot sale for a few pounds. In this video I take a closer look at the game, how to set it up and what is included.

I also take a look at ebay and Amazon to find out how much you can expect to resell these for.

To see how much they are currently going for on Amazon click this link: Link to Amazon to see current prices

I enjoyed making the video and was pleased with how the time-lapse segments came out.

Hope you enjoy watching


How to remove sticky labels

In this video I show how effective ‘sticky-off’ is at removing stubborn price stickers and sticky labels… in fact any sticky residue…

I have been using this stuff for years and think it is amazing

Use this link to pick some up, you will not be disappointed Click here

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How to Test Playstation controllers on a PC

In this video (below) I share a really useful little gadget which I use to quickly and simply test Playstation 1 & 2 controllers

If you are reselling controllers it really pays to carefully test them so that you can confidently state in your listing that they are fully tested and ALL functions on the pad are working.

This can be both time consuming to do with an actual console, setting up the console loading up a game etc, plus not all games use all of the functions on a controller especially the analog controllers.

This is the gadget – one end is a USB connector and the other end fits Playstation controllers…. simple!


Use this link to check out the actual gadget I use on Amazon: Click here


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Amazing BOLO – Keep your eyes peeled :)


I shared this video a few years back and I still regularly get people thanking me for the tip as it keeps paying off for people…

I thought I would re-share it as many new subscribers & followers of the blog may not have seen it….

Hope it helps out a few more people 🙂

All the best… Nic

Drop me a line if this tip has paid off for you – I love hearing about your success stories