Monty: My trip to the vets

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In this second part of our ongoing style series we are focussing on styles and keywords for listing men’s shirts/t-shirts/tops and women’s blouses/t-shirts/tops.

When researching styles and keywords Google Image Search is your friend.  I have found a few examples for you, to give you as many varied keyword ideas and options as possible… Continue reading

£5,100 Sale! What do we get after fees?


We recently sold the highest value item of our 15 year reselling career.  Nic had purchased a job lot of vintage consoles, games and accessories and while researching prices in which to list everything, he came across this inconspicuous looking cartridge with a hand written label.  At first he dismissed it, assuming it had no value as it had lost it’s label, and someone had replaced it with their own.  He planned to bundle it along with an Atari console and some other lower value games.  However, his curiosity was triggered, he had never seen an Atari game called ‘Hard Head’ before, perhaps even without the label it would still hold some individual value.  Having done some further research he decided that perhaps this game was actually quite rare as there were no other ‘Hard Head’ Atari Cartridges currently listed or recently completed on eBay.  He decided then that he would put the game on auction with a Buy It Now of £100! Continue reading

‘Focus On Friends’ Caroline Mathews – AKA ‘Caroline (Mrs M)’

Our featured friend this month is Caroline (Mrs M).  We came to know Caroline via the Reselling community and have become very good friends over the last couple of years. We have met in person twice. Once during the filming for a BBC episode of ‘Right On The Money’ and again last year at a (very fun) Reseller meet up (links for our YouTube videos below).  We now chat every day online and are already planning this years meet up.

We asked Caroline to answer a few questions for us. So I’ll hand over to her to tell you a bit more about herself and how Reselling became a part of her life… Continue reading

Bathtime… oh no!!!!



Every now and then, my Mum and Dad decide that I smell… and need a bath…

I am never impressed with this situation… firstly, I am a dog, dogs smell, so deal with it I say…  personally I think Mum and Dad smell, but you don’t see me dragging them off to the water torture room do you…

Anyway – seeing as I had to endure this humiliating ritual I thought I may as well share with you guys….


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Welcome to our blog…


Hi…we are Nic & Andrea Hills, and we are professional Resellers & YouTube Vloggers based in the UK. We have been self employed for about 15 years and earn a good living from reselling, by reselling we mean buying secondhand & new goods and selling them on for a profit.

We sell on eBay and Amazon and have also owned and run high street retail outlets. We source our stock from car boot sales, jumble sales, charity shops, and any other outlets we can find, and buy new stock from online websites, high street stores, & supermarkets to sell on.

We love the lifestyle and freedom our job affords us, allowing us quality time raising our daughter and the ability to step outside of the rat race.

As our business is expanding we wanted a place to share our journey… and so the blog and the adventure begins…